‘Cross Over’ Day takes place at Capitol Building

On Monday, March 3 Georgia lawmakers met for ‘cross over’ day in the General Assembly. This is the 30th day out of a 40 day session where bills must pass in either the House or Senate to become laws.

The House voted to build a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. on capital grounds at 3 p.m, Fox 5 reported.

Senate Bill 98 which would deny coverage for abortions through state funded insurance policies passed at 3:30 p.m.

Other bills to be voted on during cross over day would be civil forfeiture and House Bill 855 which would allow the use of marijuana for patients with medical illnesses.

“Under legislative rules, any bill that is not approved by at least one chamber in the General Assembly is unlikely to become a law this year. There are some exceptions,” Fox 5 said.