Comfort vs. crowd: It’s all about the game

Everyone enjoys a good game in sports whether it’s football, basketball, soccer or gymnastics. However, the decision of watching the game in person or in High Definition is the debate that a lot of fans are currently trying to decipher.

Fans are deciding which form of support is better: Being gathered around thousands of other fans in overpriced plastic stadium seats or watching the game in the comfort of their own home.

As a sports fan, there is really no better place to experience a game than at the stadium. To witness thousands of fans from different cultures and backgrounds stand as one is a memory worth sharing. Everyone comes dressed in their favorite team’s colors. Some people are even covered in paint to show support. We cannot forget the dramatic “oohs and “aahs” that the whole stadium declares as a player delivers a “big hit.”

However, we can all skip the ridiculously long lines for food and the bathroom. Or the dramatic search for a parking spot. Or the hiking trail to the stadium. Or the lack of replay if you just so happen to blink during a crucial play. Or the unpredictable weather. Or the drunk fan who makes vulgar comments. And please, do not get me started on the prices of the seats.

Which brings me to watching the game in the comfort of your home. You have a variety of game time snacks at your disposal. The burden of being drenched with beer by a drunk fan can be erased because you can invite whoever you please to watch the game with you. You technically already paid for the game via your cable bill.

The bathroom is free and watching a sports event on TV is much more relaxing and cheaper experience then watching the game live. Instead of having to watch one game, you can switch to one or more games to watch the highlights.

And the seats are comfier.

Unfortunately, there are some downfalls with watching the sports in front of the TV. First, you have to deal with someone interrupting your space or have to deal homework. It is extremely hard to concentrate when you have a million of different distractions at home. Then, you have to listen to the extremely annoying television commentators talk about the glory days, team stats, what went wrong with the play, the ridicule of each player. No one wants to hear that.

And just when you think that the commentators are done talking, you have to deal with tons of commercials!

Overall, there is nothing like standing up and cheering with other fans when your scores a much needed touchdown or annihilates the opposing team’s defense. While the cost of attending a game can add up, the memories shared there is priceless. Being with a host of other fans with the same interests is also a great time to socialize and party with strangers. Just make sure you bring some good hiking shoes, a full stomach, empty bladder, and of course a lot of team spirit for your favorite team.