College Park still possible site for Google Fiber

College Park City Officials made a premature announcement on Tuesday that College Park had been selected for Fiber high speed internet, according Atlanta News 11.

Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Hapeville, Sandy Springs and Smyrna are all possible sites for Google Fiber in Georgia, according to the Google Fiber website.

Google Fiber will increase internet speed up to one gigabit per second which is 100 times faster than basic broadband.

Dara Dean, a senior Women’s Studies Major at Georgia State said she would love to see Google Fiber come to Atlanta even though many students would be online shopping and on social media sites during class.

“If we have that in Atlanta everyone on campus will be walking around with cell phones, ipads, tablets and laptops in the hands all the time,” she said. “There won’t be anyplace one can go on campus without being hooked up to some form of technology. Google Fiber would offer something new and innovative which is different from what we currently have.”

Advanced Desktop Editing & Publishing professor, Debbie George, who uses internet to teach her class on a daily basis says the speed of Google Fiber would be great for the students on college campuses who are always required to use technology for their classes.

“This would help students who are researching class work access information they need faster,” George said. “This helps people who are in a hurry to find something. They don’t have to select the first option that comes up for a particular subject because the choices should come up so fast they can find many additional options.”

Kristiana Towns, a senior Journalism Major, said she doesn’t like the idea of another internet provider, because the current internet works just fine. She said the cost associated with a newer technology could overwhelm consumers financially.

“The internet is already lightning fast, so what is the point. I feel this is another marketing ploy,” Towns said.

Austin, Provo, and Kansas City already have the Google Fiber in their cities.