College fashionista essentials

This week’s update is about “the essentials”, which are elegant ways of saying “the basics.” The essentials encompass all the pieces I’ve deemed I need in my closet because they will help me on the day-to-day, won’t have to be replaced after frequent use and always look classy. Here are a handful of mine:

The oxford shoe: there are so many different styles of shoes that I can never decide what kind are the best for walking around comfortably while looking cute. Boots are almost always my go-to shoe, whether they’re granny- centric or badass combat; but they still cannot trump oxfords for sheer versatility. I love the metallic Margo oxfords at Payless for a mere $45. For a basic black oxford, Steve Madden’s Jazie have a quirky blue sole and run around $70 at

The satchel bag: The classier your essentials are, the better. No matter your personal style.

Cambridge Satchel Company makes beautiful unisex bags that can double as a purse and a backpack, and run under $200 at If you like the style but can’t afford the price tag (hello, student loans), also has a similar canvas bag for $31The sweat pant: Okay, stop laughing. This is kind of a wildcard, but as long as they’re not worn with a sweatshirt or causing the common wardrobe malfunction referred to as camel toe, can we not all agree that sweatpants are ESSENTIAL? And they can totally be worn outside the house if you wear whatever you would normally wear with skinny jeans (providing that’s not a sweatshirt).

I can think of a few more essentials. But I really wantto know what YOURS are. Do you have an essential piece that transcends time, space, the galaxy, etc.? Do you think sweatpants are for the birds?

Tweet me @pinsandplats and I will feature some of your comments in next week’s column!