Chillin with Caleb – Childish Gambino and why J.Cole is the greatest rapper since NAS.

This is Chilin with Caleb. The new podcast with Caleb Smith that talks about the impact that the arts have on the lives of the Georgia State student body and the city of Atlanta. In these two excerpts from the podcast, Caleb explains the success of the TV show “Atlanta” and the importance of the star and creator Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover showing support for other artists. In the next segment, Caleb states his case of why J.Cole is the greatest rapper in Nas. (Yes he is going there)

Host: Caleb Smith
Director and Editor: Ben Abrams
Music: Chucki Beats (Yuki Asemota)

Intro: “The Streets” Classical Old School Instrumental
Bumper: “Pure” Booming Trap 808 Aggressive Hard Hip Hop Instrumental
“Alone” Epic Tension Orchestral Trap Hip Hop Instrumentals
Closing Music: “Goals” Real Chill Old School Instrumental Rap Beats