Car thefts on the rise: Multiple cars have been stolen or broken into in university main parking decks

Photo by Justin Clay | The Signal
Photo by Justin Clay | The Signal

Since the beginning of October, three cars were stolen from G deck and N deck, according to Georgia State’s police reports.

Georgia State police have reported nine car thefts in Fall 2015, one of which was an attempted auto theft. Most of the crimes involved Georgia State students and staff.

Crime Prevention Specialist of Georgia State Police Sgt. Sharon Ware said cars that have valuable objects in plain view and that are left unsecured create a greater chance of motor vehicle theft. Examples of these objects are phones and GPS systems.

In 2014, 11 incidents of motor vehicle theft also happened on campus, according to Georgia State police reports.

Georgia State student Marcus McKay Jr. said he doesn’t have any major issues with motor vehicle theft at the university.

“I haven’t had any problems in the past, but I don’t want to start having a problem,” McKay said.

McKay makes sure that no valuables are present by making sure that all electronics are in the trunk or underneath the seat. He also makes sure he has his keys and rolls his windows up.

Nelly Oduraogo, a Georgia State parking services employee, said she rides MARTA to Georgia State but would rather park in the university parking decks. She said the parking decks are safer to her rather than taking MARTA.

“GSUPD does a good job at patrolling… I see them [GSUPD] come in almost every hour,” Oduraogo said.

Georgia State student Deneille Louison said she never felt uncomfortable leaving her car alone in the parking decks.

Louison said when she could not park at Turner Field during game days she chose to park at the decks out of all of her options. She also said she felt like the police patrolled the decks pretty well.

“I feel like the GSUPD makes their presence known on campus…I see a GSU police officers located somewhere in the deck when I park there,” Louison said.

She also said she thinks GSUPD are doing a pretty good job overall considering that the university is in the heart of downtown.

But McKay said he feels like he takes a chance every time he leaves his car in Georgia State’s Turner Field lot.

“There’s always a risk of motor vehicle theft,” he said. “I see patrol take high approaches at Turner Field so I don’t feel as much of a threat parking…[But] There’s always a chance that it might be your day of car theft.”

However like Louison, McKay would still rather park a university parking decks and lots rather than other public alternatives.

Security has increased at the parking decks due to the recent string of crime, according to Ware. She said university police always increase security where multiple incidents happen.