Breaking: Georgia State and head coach Shawn Elliott agree to contract extension through 2025 new contract extension

Georgia State Football offers head coach Shawn Elliot an extension. Photo by Matt Siciliano-Salazar | The Signal

Shawn Elliott is here to stay: Georgia State has signed the 47-year-old head coach through the 2025 season, according to documents from a Freedom of Information Act request. The Panthers send a strong message that Elliott is their guy and will coach during the program’s most pivotal seasons.

In Elliott’s four seasons as head coach, he has already led the program to three bowl game appearances, winning their first in 2017. 

Elliott took over the program in 2016, and the football team won a total of 10 games when the program moved from FCS to FBS. Elliott’s hands-on approach and high tempo have made the Panthers an exciting team to watch. 

Elliott brought his success from being the offensive line coach at South Carolina under Steve Spurrier, and it shows. Since 2016, the Panthers have had arguably the best offensive line in the Sun Belt, which has proved vital in key wins against Tennessee, Georgia Southern and Army.

Elliott’s tenure might not seem impressive looking at his record as head coach, but the program’s culture change has been remarkable. Through three games in the 2020 season, the Panthers rank 12th in total offense in the nation. Last season, the team ranked 47th nationally in total offense.

But with all this in mind, what does this mean for the future of the program?

For starters, the extension means that Elliott will be the coach against major non-conference games coming up. The out-of-conference games in the next few years are promising for a young program like Georgia State football. They will face the South Carolina Gamecocks, North Carolina Tarheels, Auburn Tigers and scheduled a home-and-home with Atlanta neighbor Georgia Tech in 2024 and 2026. 

The extension also gives stability to the Panthers for the first time in program history, which bodes well for recruiting, meaning there will not be constant turnover at the program. The Panthers right now are set up for success and have locked their coach of the future.

Georgia State can not afford to slip when it comes to recruiting. With Elliott now firmly head coach, Georgia State continues to make strides in the right direction.