BeWellGSU provides wellness services for Georgia State students

BeWellGSU is providing students with essential wellness services. Photo by Matt Siciliano-Salazar | The Signal

BeWellGSU Integrated Health is a Georgia State organization that provides students with services and initiatives to create well-being for students struggling with physical health, stress or mental health.

“We should all think beyond physical health, and BeWellGSU is really an opportunity for students to connect with themselves and their wellness, well-being and their health,” Tammy Turner, the on-campus advisor for BeWellGSU Integrated Health, said.

During April, BeWellGSU is hosting numerous events for students to attend for their wellness, including: 

  • Peaceful Place Meditation 
  • Monday Mile 
  • Student Victim Assistance Coffee Chat 
  • #TakeCareofYouGSU
  • Blue Table Safety Talks with Student Victim Assistance

The organization provides services through several programs and offices on campus:

  • Georgia State Counseling Center
  • Access and Accommodations Center,
  •  Campus Recovery Program
  • Office of the Dean of Students
  • Panther’s Pantry, Recreational Services
  • Student Financial Services
  • Student Health Clinic
  • Student Health Promotion
  • Student Nutrition Services
  • Student Victim Assistance 
  • University Career Services. 

Currently, BeWellGSU has 50 student volunteers and employees, both graduate and undergraduate, working with the organization and has openings for student positions year-round. 

BeWellGSU has integrated virtual events and programs during the pandemic, which has increased their outreach for virtual events and programs to the Downtown campus and the Clarkston, Perimeter Alpharetta, Decatur, Dunwoody and Newton campuses through their online services. 

The organization offers safe sex materials such as condoms and lubricants to students through the Student Health Clinic. But since the pandemic, they are offering this service via mail for off-campus students to request online. Students in housing can order the materials online to pick up from the housing office at 75 Piedmont Ave. 

Through the organization, the Georgia State Counseling Center hosts weekly virtual events for students stress management:

  • Monday Meditation
  • Journal Time GSU Live 
  • Take Care Tuesday 
  • Thankful Thursday 
  • Mindful Walk
  • Sunday Pounce on Joy

In the fall 2021 semester, BeWellGSU is planning an in-person mobile health clinic event for students to receive access to health and wellness services. BeWellGSU hopes to resume HIV and STI testing for students in the fall has been put on pause by BeWellGSU due to the pandemic. 

Through the Counseling Center, individual, group and couples counseling is offered by the University for students. The Counseling Center also provides a Substance Use and Risk Reduction program to provide students with the support and resources to start their recovery from drug and alcohol-related problems. 

The Student Victim Assistance provides students with help related to trauma from personal experiences through crisis intervention and support. They provide students with options and information on how to respond to their experience and provide a confidential disclosure site to students affected by sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. 

BeWellGSU has the resources to provide students with assistance with body, food, mind, academics, self, relationships, money and sexual culture through their various programs. To access these resources and all the programs, BeWellGSU offers information through their website and the Panther Involvement Network website, where students can RSVP to events.