Between the bylines: Jacksonville State

In preparation for Saturday’s game against Jacksonville State, The Signal sat down with Daniel Porter, sports editor of The Chanticleer (Jacksonville State’s student newspaper).

The Signal: What was Jacksonville State’s fan reaction when they found out that they’re playing Georgia State for the first time since the 2011-2012 season?

Porter: For the response in general from JSU, our fan base is excited about the game! A lot of fans have memories of a close win in the Dome last time JSU was there. That, too, adds to the excitement, the fact that many get to make that trip again, or for the first time.

TS: After two straight wins against Georgia State, does Georgia State being an FBS team now raise the stakes for Saturday’s match up?

Porter: Most aren’t too intimidated with going against the ‘FBS’ title with GSU, they know it’s always been good, close games in the past.
Still, in saying that, they understand JSU can’t go over there and not take it serious, but we really like our first-year coach (Coach Bill Clark) and feel confident he’ll have our guys ready.

TS: Who are JSU’s playmakers that will impact the game?

Porter: I think our guys that will impact the game are Troymaine Pope [running back] on offense, Pierre Warren [free safety] on defense and I like our kicker Griffin Thomas. He’s about as solid as kickers get.

TS: How do Jacksonville State fans expect their team to stop the Panthers’ passing game?

Porter: For Warren, I believe that’s what makes him a bigger part next week because JSU’s success/failure will depend more on the secondary than our linebackers and line, which have been the keys the first two weeks.

TS: What is your prediction for Saturday’s game?

Porter: I’d expect a close game that, going into the 4th, is up in the air for whoever makes the big plays at the end.