Back to school shopping just got easier with your student email and ID

Photo by Azam Lalani | The Signal

Back to school season means spending a vast amount of money on supplies, textbooks and clothes. Luckily, many companies acknowledge thsignaat some students are living on a budget and need an additional discount.

Believe it or not, as a student, you have two secret weapons at your fingertips: your student ID and your student email.

Can’t afford that shirt you love at Topshop? Don’t worry, your student ID has you covered, instantly granting you 10 percent off. Similarly, your student email can be used for a lot more than just receiving messages; it opens doors to online discounts you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Your parents were right—going to college really does benefit you, huh?

Before you can think of buying a new wardrobe for the semester, let’s be real—focusing on your school success is most important. These student discounts will get you through your semester with ease and make back-to-school shopping as inexpensive as possible.

1. Apple
In college, a laptop is a necessity. It’s one of the most expensive school essentials, but you will use it for the rest of your college career, so you might as well cross this one off your list now.

Apple is currently running a student discount of $200 off Macbooks plus 20 percent off AppleCare (not a bad idea if you are prone to spilling your coffee on things). With the purchase of a Macbook, you can kill two birds with one stone and receive a free pair of Beats Solo3’s.

2. Amazon
Amazon has taken the world by storm with its endless quantity of pretty much anything you need. Best of all, it gives students an amazing deal on six free months of Amazon Prime, which includes free two-day shipping.

Forgot to order that textbook you need on the first day? This student discount has you covered.

Not to mention, you also get free Prime Video (hello Spongebob Squarepants episodes!) and Prime Music.

3. Best Buy
Best Buy currently has a number of back-to-school discounts for students. From 10 percent off Texas Instruments calculators to 15 percent Epson printers, Best Buy is your best bet for electronic supplies. Just keep in mind you can only use one offer at a time and they are only available until Sept. 1.

Best Buys around Georgia road trip anyone?

In college, begging for back-to-school clothing money from Mom won’t work anymore. Luckily, your student ID or email has you covered. With your student perks, you can shop at the name-brand retail stores you love and avoid living off of ramen for a month.

1. Topshop
For that modern-hipster vibe, check out Topshop. When you shop their online store through Student Beans, you will be given a student discount code granting you 10 percent off your entire purchase.

It may not sound like much at first, but back-to-school shopping adds up and any price reduction is helpful.

2. Victoria’s Secret & PINK
Everyone needs underwear, right? Victoria’s Secret & PINK just jumped on the student discount bandwagon, just in time for the new school year. While PINK is known for adorable lingerie, they also have comfy sweats, baggy shirts and leggings—you know, just the perfect collegiate campus look.

Score 15 percent when you show your student ID at PINK stores.

3. H&M
PINK isn’t the only one realizing students are their largest consumers. H&M recently added a generous 20 percent discount for their online student shoppers. H&M has an enormous selection of clothing for men, women and children.

From leisurely clothes to internship-ready outfits, H&M is your go-to for back-to-school shopping.

H&M gives one of the highest percentage-off discounts with clothes at an already decent price.

While you might miss Mom at your side cutting coupons from Kohl’s catalogs, you are a step ahead with your student ID. No more searching for a discount on Groupon in the checkout line!

After a few months, the meal plan can get repetitive. But, treating yourself to dinner at your own expense can get pricey (especially if you are an avid midnight snacker).

It may be surprising how many of America’s favorite restaurants offer student discounts. Spoiler alert: you’ve been paying way too much for Waffle House.

1. Waffle House
Located conveniently underneath the Petit Science Center and next to Courtland 112 Student Apartments, you can now enjoy a juicy burger and hash browns smothered, covered and chunked for less. WaHo offers 10 percent off when you show your student ID.

Anyone up for breakfast at 2 a.m.?

2. Hello Fresh
If you are looking to eat a little bit healthier, Hello Fresh offers delicious choices with a 15 percent off student discount through Unidays. Hello Fresh gives you the ingredients already sectioned into perfect proportions, so all you need to worry about is cooking the meal. Rachael Ray who?

Finally, it’s time for some relaxation. After moving in and settling down in your new dorm, take a load off with these student discounts.

1. Spotify and Hulu
Only the most dynamic duo ever. With your student email, you can receive a Spotify Premium and Hulu bundle for only $4.99 a month.

Listening to music ad-free plus binge-watching all of “Family Guy” after a long day of classes? Sign me up.

2. AMC
Thursdays are known as college night. But hey, if a shot of tequila isn’t on your Thursday night plans, no problem. AMC offers a student discount at all locations. The theater determines what the student discount is, so make sure to call ahead. The closest AMC theater to Georgia State is the AMC Camp Creek 14.

Treat yourself—you know you’ve been dying to see that “Dog Days” movie.