August brings new beginnings for Panther football

August is infamous for being the “back to school” month causing long faces from kids nationwide as they drag back to school with their fresh notebooks and pencils.

If you are a sports fan, however, August is your favorite month of the year because it marks the beginning of the college football season.

For the Georgia State Panthers, it all starts Friday as Panthers’ media day will take place at the Panthers’ practice facility at 11 a.m. marking the beginning of the Panthers’ pre-season.

Anticipation has been building throughout the Georgia State Panther’s off-season with the arrival of new head coach Trent Miles from Indiana State University bringing changes that have surfaced the news media such as new uniforms and a new coaching staff. People are ready to see Miles, and the team, in action.

Friday, members of the media, including The Signal will get to hear from Coach Miles and selected player representatives about the upcoming practices and season.

The entire team is set to meet Friday after media day, but their first official practice is not until Saturday evening.

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