Atlanta’s The Masquerade reopens after COVID-19

Photo by Stone Ray | The Signal

The Masquerade, one of Atlanta’s most prominent and versatile music venues, is back open and ready for business! As COVID-19 case numbers drop, the number of performing musical guests that The Masquerade can host rises. 

Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, The Masquerade is split into three sections: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Each section can host roughly 300-1000 people. Within each section, bands of all sorts play fairly regularly. The Masquerade contains a wide variety of musical talent ranging from local acts to nationally touring artists, and with genres from pop to heavy metal. 

The Masquerade is known mostly for hosting rock music, alternative or indie. However, there are bands that play there that feature a mix of genres. In the past, The Masquerade has hosted various well-known artists such as Nirvana, Radiohead and Foo Fighters. 

As for its re-opening, The Masquerade is opening its doors once again after a year and two months of lockdown. Back in June, The Masquerade began presenting various local bands, as well as DJ dance parties within their Heaven space. However, there is still limited seating capacity. 

Currently, local artists are the main demographic playing and booking shows at The Masquerade. Within the next couple of months, and as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to settle, many more nationally touring artists will be playing at the infamous Masquerade. 

“The touring industry is just beginning to revive and that will take a bit. Expect more in July and even more in August and beyond,” The Masquerade’s website states.

Included in the lineup of artists set to play at The Masquerade are bands such as Japanese Breakfast, All Time Low, Whitehall and Julien Baker. These artists are some of the nationally touring artists performing at The Masquerade, however, there are also several local artists playing such as Wiley.

Located at all entrances is a hand sanitizer dispenser. The Masquerade’s staff has installed UVC air scrubbers/sanitizers in all their air conditioning units. This neutralizes airborne bacteria and viruses. The Masquerade is also enhancing its cleaning staff and will be wiping down and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces after every performance. 

Masks are required within The Masquerade, unless outdoors or in the courtyard area. The Masquerade’s staff has also asked that guests verbally acknowledge that they have not been around anyone with COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19 any time recently. 

“We recognize that times are tough, opinions vary, and that people have different ideas. We appreciate you all. However, these are our rules as we return to live music,” The Masquerade’s website states. “We hope you respect them and are as anxious to get back to it as we are.”