Atlanta Streetcar conducts second traffic signal test

The second Atlanta Streetcar traffic signal interface test was conducted at 11 p.m. on Oct. 20 and ran until early morning on Oct. 21, according to a release sent by Atlanta Streetcar’s Communications Director Sharon Gavin.

The test was conducted to ensure that adjustments were made to signal timings accommodating the transportation system and other travelers, according to the release. Atlanta Police Department escorted the vehicles around the 2.7 mile route and there were rolling closures.

Gavin said she hopes the adjustments made to the timing of signals throughout the route will not only accomodate the streetcars but also motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

“I would say the first test went very well, although there were a few traffic signal timing errors around the Centennial Olympic Park and Peachtree Center area the streetcar is running beautifully,” Gavin said. “With this second test we hope to accomplish the task of making sure all traffic intersection signals are in sync with the traffic control system.”

Gavin also said aside from motorists finding alternative routes and cars parking fully within the white lines of parking spaces, pedestrians were also welcome to watch the streetcar in action.

“We welcome people to come watch what the streetcar has to offer them,” she said.

As of now there is no exact date for when testing will conclude, according to Gavin.

“The city of Atlanta and I want to run a few more test, especially during the daytime before we open it for public use,” she said.