Atlanta men pay for Valentines

A recent study conducted by revealed that couples are not the only ones going on dates for Valentine’s Day.

According to the dating-auction website’s study, singles across the United States have been seeking Valentines for an average cost of $131.70.

“We decided to find a trend that connected Valentine’s Day and dating for cash,” said Leroy Velasquez, Public Relations Manager of InfoStream Group. “The average costs for these dates were more than the usual average of $80.”

The study found that nationally 369,282 first-date offers for Valentines were established four weeks preceding the holiday, 3,619 of which were Atlanta men.

“Atlanta singles are sentimental,” Velasquez said. “There is a demand for finding a Valentine here.”

Georgia State junior Nathan Hancok believes this trend is ego-related.

“That shouldn’t happen,” said Hancock. “What about [men’s] egos need inflating even on Valentine’s Day?”

According to freshman Deryas Jones, auctioning for a Valentine is a trend that depends on the individual.

“I wouldn’t personally do it, but I depends on how the person feels,” said Jones. “Maybe the guys don’t want to be alone.”