Atlanta BeltLine’s new app released

Atlanta BeltLine’s ‘On the Atlanta BeltLine’ app was released on Aug. 13, according to Atlanta BeltLine’s Communications and Media Relations Manager, Jenny Odom.

However, despite there being a large population of commuter students at Georgia State, Odum said the company doesn’t plan on visiting Georgia State to promote the app.

“We’re not marketing the app to students or a particular audience at this time, just promoting it generally to all of our audiences,” she said.

The app is the first available version and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running on iOS 6.1 or later software, according to the app’s detail page on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. This includes Android 2.1 and others.

The app has an interactive map pinpointing MARTA stations, public art and more. It also has a trip planner function allowing users to customize their experience based on whether they want to walk, bike or picnic, according to Odom.

Charles Lovelo, a junior physics major, said he commutes by car and has never heard of Atlanta BeltLine. He recommends the organization uses the internet to publicize their efforts.

“I don’t get out much. I’m either in my room or back home,” he said. “Internet add campaigns are reach quite a few people. They are cheap, easy to do.”

Robbi Grier, a sophomore nursing major, also said she’s never heard of Atlanta BeltLine. After hearing about the organization’s trails, she said she would like to use Atlanta BeltLine.

“I definitely would. I like running and stuff like that. So, it would be nice to run outside versus just to go to the gym and run in circles,” she said.

Grier also said she might download the app if she has a good reason to.

“A lot of stuff I download has to benefit me,” she said. “Maybe if they had special events going on.”

The organization should have a stronger presence on campus to catch students’ attention, according to Grier.

“I think if they put up flyers around Georgia State, that would help them out,” she said. “Maybe if they tried to like come out and have one of the little booths when we have fairs that might help.”

Odom said downloads have exceeded by 3,500 in the weeks the app has been available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. Google Play states there has been 500 – 1,000 installs, according to the app’s detail page on the Google Play store.

iTunes App Store also displays 14 reviews and Google Play Store shows 16 user reviews, according to the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Odom said the organization hopes for users to enjoy and share their experiences on the Atlanta BeltLine with family and friends.

“The app is a way to help people to use the parks and trails in the way that they want, whether it’s planning a picnic, figuring out a jogging route or find something that’s going on nearby,” she said. “But we also want people who use the app to know more about the Atlanta BeltLine by being able to easily access information about tours, the health & fitness programs and Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.”

The app was created because Atlanta BeltLine users wanted a way to navigate around the trails and plan their trips, according to Odom.

“They also want to know what’s nearby to make the most of their experience—whether it’s a park, an event, free fitness classes, tours or an Art on the Atlanta BeltLine installation. The Atlanta BeltLine app puts it all into one place for them,” she said.

Atlanta BeltLine is also offering free opportunities including the annual Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition, fitness courses and volunteer programs, according to Odom.

This fall, Atlanta BeltLine will be breaking ground on the three-mile multi-use Westside Trail. The Atlanta BeltLine will also be creating a passive-use park at Westside Reservoir Park within the next five years, according to Odom.