Athletes favorite Valentine memories


Georgia State’s tennis athletes gave us their favorite Valentine’s Day memories, what they love most right now in their lives and even a little Netflix n’ Chillin’ favorites.

Zackery Kennedy (Men’s Tennis)

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

Kennedy: My favorite valentine’s memory was probably in high school. When I…I used to talk to this girl in high school. It was a leap year, you know the year when the girl is supposed to get you stuff? I never really gave a girl anything for Valentine’s Day, but the girl was like, real obsessed with me, it wasn’t really anything serious to me and she came into the cafeteria with a bunch of flowers and balloons. I was really embarrassed. That was really embarrassing, but that’s probably my best memory.

Your favorite Valentine candy?

Kennedy: My favorite Valentine candy…probably the chocolates in the little box heart. I kind of like the coconut in the middle too. Most people don’t like those, but I mess with those.

Favorite thing to watch on Netflix?

Kennedy: My favorite TV show was “Breaking Bad”. That was on Netflix, that’s the only thing I watched for a couple of years, but now, I’ve really been watching “Sons of Anarchy”. I just started that one and I watched “Once Upon a Time” for a little bit, but that’s it. That’s all I really watch on there and just other movies, but besides that, those are my favorite shows for sure.

You think any year in high school topped the one where the girl came up to you?

Kennedy: Yeah, I would say my twelfth grade year topped that. We had a bunch of food fights, and I went to Westlake, so it was a little bit rougher, but we had fun. I remember one time when they sent a text message throughout the school where it was like, “Everybody in fifth period, we’re just going to sit in the hallways and not do nothing.” Literally,  everyone just sat in the hallway and didn’t do anything. It was funny.

Kristin Rehse [Women’s Tennis]

What’s your favorite valentine’s memory?

Rehse: My first boyfriend gave me chocolate, and that’s actually the only Valentine’s Day memory I have [laughs]!

How old were you?

Rehse: [I was] 15.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Rehse: I don’t really have a particular favorite candy, I just like chocolate in general.

What’s your favorite Tv show to watch right now?

Rehse:  I’m watching Vampire Diaries…a lot.  

What’s the thing you’re in love with the most right now at this point in your life?

Rehse: My family.

Sebastian Accura (Men’s Tennis)

What’s your favorite Valentine’s memory?

Accura: My favorite valentine’s memory…I’d have to say going out to my first valentine’s dinner, which was actually last year with my very first girlfriend. It was a very nice time. I never had a girlfriend before, so it was a very nice experience.

How old were you?

Accura: I was 21.

Favorite valentine’s day candy?

Accura: My favorite valentine’s candy would have to be kit-kat for sure.

Favorite TV show?

Accura: Favorite TV show…that’s tough…I’d have to say Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Will anything top last year’s Valentine’s Day?

Accura: Probably a bomb present.

A bomb present?

Accura: A bomb present. Something out of the top.