Athletes and Cannabis

Former Atlanta Falcon is a huge advocate for cannabis and the Athletes for CARE organization. Photo by aleabievsasha and bertys30 on and

Cannabis use has always had a stigma surrounding it since Reagan waged the war on drugs. 

People have always seen it as a lazy man’s drug that makes you eat a hole through your pantry. 

Anti-drug campaigns have pushed these stereotypes for many years. 

While some of those stereotypes may have some truth to them, there are many well-documented benefits of cannabis use. 

Especially when it comes to pain relief and recovery, which is highly beneficial for athletes who are constantly trying to recover from the daily stress they put on their bodies. 

Many scientists have studied the effects of marijuana consumption. 

Due to the government’s strict ban on the substance, there has been little to no scientific research done by government-sanctioned programs on the plant and its many potent compounds.

Many private studies have been done on a much smaller scale, so most of the findings have been disputed. 

The simple fact is that the stigma around cannabis use is changing by the day with the legalization movement sweeping across the country.

The plant itself is becoming more publicly accepted with so many people learning about the non-psychoactive compounds such as CBD, sold legally in all 50 states to all walks of life as a pain reducer and an anti-seizure medication.

With opinions on marijuana use changing, more and more athletes publicly speak about their advocacy for cannabis because they feel they won’t receive public shame.

Former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Clint Johnson has joined a cannabis advocacy group since retiring from the NFL. 

“Athletes for CARE is thrilled to have Clint Johnson join the team as Director of Development.” 

“Clint’s experience and success as a professional athlete, coupled with his passion for creating change, will be valuable to our organization as we continue to empower athletes to use their influence to improve global standards of health, safety and quality of life,” Anna Valent Director of Athletes for CARE said.

 Clint Johnson speaks about his time in the NFL and using cannabis before and after every game, he played in the NFL to help with pain management. 

He revealed the sheer number of players that use cannabis recreationally and for medicinal purposes throughout the league. 

They all adamantly believe that it helps in some capacity, so they are willing to risk repercussions to channel the benefits of cannabis use.

“It’s been a lifelong mission to help others around me, and I cannot think of a better organization to continue doing so than Athletes for CARE,” Johnson said. 

“It is a privilege to join the team and advocate for the well-being of so many athletes [worldwide].” 

He believes that by being a voice for the athletes who believe in the many benefits, cannabis has to offer. 

There have been too many athletes who have been ex-communicated from professional sports because of repeat offenses with marijuana.

It is preposterous that a player can be caught on camera in the act of domestic violence and be back after serving a two-game suspension, but some have lost their entire career over their use of cannabis. 

That is why Clint Johnson got involved with Athletes for CARE in the first place. 

The program focuses on advocating for research, education and compassion around cannabis. The main goal is to destigmatize the plant in the eye of the public. 

Ever since Ronald Reagan started the war on drugs and flooded the media with anti-marijuana campaigns to demonize the plant, there has been a dark cloud over it. 

Everyone has an idea of what a “pothead” looks like, but the truth is that people from all over enjoy cannabis. It could be your mailman or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

The work of people like Clint Johnson is starting to catch on within the sports world. 

The NBA has recently stopped testing its players and staff for THC completely, while the NFL has cut down its testing protocol as well. 

People tear down the stigma with each powerful voice that stands up as an advocate. 

It is only a matter of time before people accept marijuana use, and we have trailblazers like Clint Johnson to thank. 

For far too long, those in positions of power have hidden their use, but the tides are turning. It will be mainstream in the next ten years, and athletes like Clint Johnson will be championing pioneers.