Astrology: A dissertation of the stars

Since the earliest civilizations, people have been amazed at the mysterious enigmas of the sky. Movements of the stars seemed like magic and, thus, they were recorded. Thankfully so, because the pirouette of the sun and moon factor significantly into astrology basics. Gradually, astrologers came to realize that people who were born at a particular time of year, when the Sun, Moon and planets were in the same part of the sky, had more in common than sharing a birth month. Even though every single person is unique, we can learn a lot about each other’s emotions and interests from these sensitive angles.


The twelve signs of the zodiac are separated into nature groups like Avatar: The Last Airbender. The elemental categories are fire, earth, air and water. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius all belong to fire, meaning they are presumably assertive, impulsive, courageous, powerful, passionate and initiating. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn belong to earth, giving them responsible, cautious, practical, focused, dependable and persevering traits. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius fall under air, rendering them curious, restless, independent, communicative, impractical and entertaining. Lastly, we have the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water is forgiving, understanding, compassionate, emotional, creative and spiritual.


The Sun is the center of our Solar System. In a horoscope, the Sun indicates individuality. Each sign occupies a range of dates in a month and anyone born between those days falls within that corresponding zodiac. For example, anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is considered a Leo. A quick search of someone’s birthday should lead to the appropriate sun sign. These predictions can sometimes feel generalizing, but astrology is so much more than just one sign.


The second sector of understanding astrology is ascendant or rising signs. The Earth’s rotation is on an axis. The zodiac also revolves once every twenty-four hours. Of course, this means that at the time of everyone’s birth, there was a zodiac on the eastern horizon. That zodiac is known as a rising sign, and it describes personality and how one presents themselves. This is where an actual birth certificate comes into play. The time of birth determines if the ascendant is the same as the Sun sign or if it is completely different. An ascendant fire sign usually points to enthusiastic and optimistic traits. An ascendent earth sign means you’ll appear cautious, reserved, practical and serious. If your ascendant is an air sign, you’ll appear sociable, friendly and communicative. If your ascendant is a water sign, you’ll appear emotional, intuitive and sensitive.


The Moon influences our tides and, arguably, affects us as human beings, too. In astrology, it moves quickly around the zodiac, and in the span of a month, it reaches all signs. It also reveals your emotions, motivations and underlying temperament. The exact time of birth will indicate its placement in the zodiac chart.


The magnificence of astrology gives a spiritual explanation of a person’s personality, including strengths and weaknesses. It’s also a detailed description of emotion, influences, fulfillment and a variety of other things. Using these astrology basics, it’s easy to pull back layers for even the most complex person.