Answering the unanswered: Why GILEE matters to you

“Senators raise their placards to vote at the second-to-last university-wide meeting on Thursday, March 14.” Photo by Daniel Varitek | The Signal

The Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, or GILEE, has seen the last decade of its history marked by student opposition culminating last semester with SGA pushback — the details of which are outlined in the introductory story below.

If you continue into the next two pages, you’ll find the product of months of investigation, with both a corroboration of claims and evidence against the program and the widespread and far-reaching support and awards it has received. 

What once had been rumor is now proven true — or completely baseless. Did the Georgia General Assembly make a law that limits GILEE open records? Does the program really work that closely with Israel and why do supporters care so much? Who supports GILEE and if donor records are protected, why?

Some information about the “behind-the-scenes” movement of the SGA resolution and outside actors’ roles have never been made public and reveal the deeper importance of the story to students, activists and representatives of GILEE and the university.

But we suggest you don’t stop there. The next page explains how GILEE came to be, a history on its establishing cause for the ‘96 Olympics and the terrorist attack that ensued and praises from law enforcement agencies across the state.

The Georgia State University Foundation had been rumored to fund GILEE — read the spread for this bit — but besides that, what is it? GILEE continues to be a hot topic for debate on campus and is expected to be a continued point of emphasis leading into the 90th SGA administration.

We believe it was important to dispel some hearsay, provide some context and bring to light the story that’s been the talk of campus for many to those who may have never known the program existed.

We also suggest you read this package front to back — editorial to foundation — to get the full story and to appreciate the product as we intended it.

After months of investigation, this is the best look available today into Georgia State’s controversial law enforcement exchange program.