A vintage kind of sexy

The more we continue to propel into the future, the more it seems like people’s natural tendency is to just remove all of their clothes. It’s no help that many of today’s top musicians enforce this idea.

As a child, I can recall being completely oblivious to the fact that there was sexual innuendo in songs because of how discreet they were. Nope, not any more. Music and even the styles of dress are so much more upfront and vulgar. There is not much left to the imagination anymore.

Nevertheless, There are some musicians who introduce a different kind of sexy whenever they perform…something a little more vintage. Here are a few:

1.) Solange Knowles

When she isn’t DJ-ing for different events across the country and being a mother to her son Julez, Solange Knowles can often be found vibing out and performing to her own songs. If you didn’t know, Solange is the little sister of Beyonce Knowles. However, their styles are completely different. While Beyonce is more Pop and R&B, Solange is more Alternative, Funk, Soul. Recently she put out an EP entitled “True,” and it is outstanding. With her new EP she has also brought a new retro flair. Whenever she performs she is always fully clothed in an outfit that is paying homage to the 70s and she just jams out. No ultra explicit lyrics or dance moves…just a simple fun time and she’s still able to be sensual.

2.) Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has been out for a while now, but I’m never tired of his nostalgic doo-wop style. I love Bruno Mars because he brings such a refreshing element to Pop music. He is also one of the first people I noticed in Pop music to do the whole suit, shades and fedora thing. Although there are not many other male pop musicians who sport his look, I think it is a good thing because it sets him apart. Also, ladies be real…his suit, fedora and shades are pretty hot.

3.) Justin Timberlake

Lastly, our beloved Justin Timberlake. Recently, he just put out a song called, “Suit and Tie” which, in my opinion, gives off Frank Sinatra realness with a twist of funk and soul. I love the song because something about it is so classic. I love the music video for it even more because of its simplicity. The video is in black and white, and it basically chronicles Justin as he rides around in this old school car, and it shows him putting on his suit and tie signifying his return to the music industry. There were no gyrating girls, or sketchy scenes…it was just Justin and I appreciated that.

Each of these artists are amazing because they remind us all of a time in music when things were more discreet and carefree. They also, to me, produce a nostalgia that is needed to preserve the essence of what real music is. Most importantly, they each show that nudity and overt sexual references are not equal to sensuality.

Raven Schley is a pop culture fanatic. To read more about what is going on in the world of music, movies and T.V. follow her blog: thevintagebellee.blogspot.com. 

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