A Georgia State class experiences two consecutive accounts of COVID-19

On Thursday, the University Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs held a meeting to discuss hybrid courses and mandatory student attendance.

Meanwhile, another Georgia State student tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Spencer Bivins, the Student Government Association chair of government and community affairs, “this is the second week in a row that an announcement like this was sent to the [modern political theory] class.”

“Only two people have gotten it so far, but I’m still concerned about attending class,” Bivins said. 

Bivins took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the announcement. 

“This is a face-to-face class,” he said. “The professor switched the class from a blended model due to his belief that [it] would be done better in person.”

Professor of Political Science and Philosophy Peter Lindsay teaches the in-person course.

According to the announcement, the student in seat 28 contracted the virus. 

The class is held in an auditorium for social-distancing, and there are assigned seats. Lindsay wants the six students who sit near seat 28 to get tested and stay home.

However, the students outside of the six seat radius must attend class as usual.

Despite uncertainty about attending the in-person course, the professor is forcing students to attend. If they don’t, their grades will be negatively affected.

“Participation, which really means attendance, is mandatory unless you have an excuse,” Bivins said. “It accounts for 25% of our grade.”

Bivins said that he is willing to risk participation points if it means knowing his diagnosis. 

Luckily, I do not sit near the person who tested positive,” he said. “But I will be skipping class and getting tested to make sure I’m negative.”