A different look at learning in the city, suburbs and beyond

Considering the difference between the city and the suburbs, it goes a lot deeper than noisy inner-city traffic and white picket fences. These places breed two different cultures that are both unique in their way.

With Georgia State’s six campuses and a new school year on the rise, finding the right environment and pathway as students is not as difficult as it may sound.

  • Downtown Campus

For those who love the vibrancy and the fast-paced energy of the city, Georgia State’s Downtown Campus may be the one for you. This location rests in the heart of the city and is well known for its vast urban population. With shops and food spots within minutes of each other, it’s easy to find adventure on this campus. In addition, the Downtown Campus is full of creatives, entrepreneurs and booming with businesses. So whether a student decides to live on campus or commute, the city experience is like no other.

  • Alpharetta Campus

Known for being the “Tech City of the South,” Georgia State’s Alpharetta Campus represents the suburban side of Georgia. This campus prides itself in its Dual Enrollment program that allows high schoolers to obtain college credits while still in high school. In addition, the scenery around the city just does not compare to Alpharetta’s lush natural features. Having more freshmen than any other campus, this location is all about academic advancement. Through STEM and other demanding fields, students will leave school well prepared for their careers ahead.

  • Clarkston Campus

Representing Georgia State’s most diverse location, the Clarkston Campus is a rich blend of cultures and languages worldwide. With Clarkson being a small yet prosperous cultural hub, they stride towards an equal equation through their student-led program Mentoring Initiative for New Americans (or MINA). This mentorship program provides help and support to young immigrants and refugees wanting to further their education. While only being a little over 30 minutes outside of the city, the beauty of all the cultures will make you forget where you are.

  • Decatur Campus

Often referred to as being the city that is greater, the Decatur Campus of Georgia State truly strives to make their city and community a better place starting from the ground up. Their community garden is a learning experience for those who find themselves passionate about agriculture and their neighbors within the community. With a never-ending need for fresh produce, their neighbors and other local nonprofits benefit from their 1,000-pound harvest each year. With miles of grassy trails and sidewalks to cross, this campus is a breath of fresh air for some nature lovers. Stepping outside of the garden, the Decatur Campus believes that education is limitless as they have extended some of their programs to state and federal prisons. The Georgia State University Prison Education Project, GSUPEP, allows those incarcerated to receive college credits by taking courses that will grant them the ability to have a smoother transition into the real world.

  • Dunwoody Campus

Sitting just above Atlanta, the Dunwoody Campus at Georgia State has several diverse pathways and clubs to fit the needs of every student. Their dental hygiene pathway, in particular, is one of the many highlights on their campus. By taking this pathway, students can “provide free and low-cost dental services to underserved communities throughout the state.”With all that students receive while attending this school, it is always good to see them give back.

  • Newton Campus

Although this location is the farthest from the city and opened to students in 2007, there is much to experience at Georgia State’s Newton Campus. This campus is all about using its education to reach out to the community and serve.  For example, through their Newton Academic Community Engagement project, students can collaborate and team up with other local organizations and focus on important issues within the community. With programs like this, students are bound to make a significant change within their careers and lives.