9/16 Briefs

Local News

Georgia Lottery cracks down on fake winners

Georgia Lottery is now targeting and tracking down ‘shadow winners’, those who stand in and act as if they are the winner of the ticket, according to Fox 5 News. These individuals are offered a sum of money to claim cash prizes for the actual winners. Individuals with winning tickets over $600 must show their ID to collect funds and before the cash is handed out the lottery checks to see if the winner owes back taxes or has court-ordered penalties such as educational loans or child support.

National News

Man feeds his ex-girlfriend her cooked dog

In Redding, California Ryan Watenpaugh’s ex-girlfriend had him arrested on Sept. 11, 2014 after he texted her asking how her dog tasted, according to Fox 5 News. She confirmed that Watenpaugh cooked her dog, Bear, and fed it to her after she returned to find the animal missing. She claims he beat her while they were together and made her a meal to reconcile the relationship. Watenpaugh denied cooking the dog and was charged with animal cruelty, domestic violence, stalking and false imprisonment.

International News

German gay rights activist severely beaten:

A 27 year-old German male gay rights activist was severely beaten and suffers brain injuries after being attacked by a group of men in downtown Belgrade, Serbia on Sept. 13, according to ABC News. Hundreds of gay rights supporters rallied that day carrying signs stating “Stop the violence” and “Your polices, Our Blood.” Serbians have a history of anti-gay activism. Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s Minister of Internal Affairs, said foreigners are welcome in the country and pledged the police will identify the attackers. The unidentified male has had surgery but remains in critical condition.