7/20 Blotter

Drinking in Public:

July 14

Georgia State police officers caught two individuals drinking in public. The first was discovered in Woodruff Park and the other was found in Barbara Asher Square. Two reports were filed for the incidents. The individuals were arrested, processed and released.

Rolling-up in Woodruff:

July 14

After brief investigation, Georgia State police arrested an individual for rolling a marijuana cigarette in Woodruff Park. A report was filed for the possession of marijuana. The individual was then processed and released.

Lost or stolen?

July 14

A Georgia State student contacted Georgia State police after his tripod went missing at Turner Field. The student also stated he wasn’t sure if it was stolen or misplaced. The case is being investigated.

Driving with a Suspended License:

July 15

Georgia State police stopped a vehicle on a traffic violation. After a brief investigation, officers found the drivers’ license had been suspended. He was processed and sent to Fulton County Jail.