5Q’s with Golfer Melissa Siviter

The Signal recently had a chance to ask junior golfer, Melissa Siviter, a few questions.

Here is what the Wolverhampton, England native had to say:


Biggest difference between golf in Europe and the United States?


Being able to play in shorts and a T-shirt on a regular basis and without an umbrella.


Favorite golfer?


Tiger Woods. I grew up watching him dominate tournaments on a Sunday afternoon. Some of the shots he can pull off under pressure are incredible.


Plans after college?


I plan to move to Florida when I graduate and start playing on some of the mini tours. After gaining some experience playing professionally, I would like to go to tour school and try and get on to the LPGA. If that doesn’t plan out, I would love to have my own golf academy and teach.


Common misconception about England?


That everyone knows each other or they are related to the Queen.


Worst food you have tried in the United States?


Grits. What is that? Even the name doesn’t sound appealing.


Favorite part of living in Atlanta?


I love the city; there is so much to do here.


Do you follow English football?  If so, do you have a favorite team or player?


I don’t really follow football but I suppose I would have to support my home team Wolverhampton Wonders.


What is your dream course that you hope to play one day?


Augusta National and Pebble Beach.


You are given the chance to play a round of golf with any three people of your choosing (they can be from the past, people you’ve never met, people you know . . . anyone basically).  Who makes up your dream foursome?


Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan and Seve Ballesteros



Favorite movie?


Notting Hill


Beatles or Rolling Stones?




Toughest golf course you have ever played?


Royal Birkdale, Southport England.


*You can follow Siviter on Twitter, @MelissaSiviter, and Instagram, MELISSASIVITER.