5Q’s: with Karlee Kavanaugh

Karlle Kavanaugh. Photo courtesy of Georgia State Athletics.

The Signal recently sat down with Karlle Kavanaugh of the sand volleyball to discuss volleyball, cookies and hot, hot summers.

The native Alaskan had plenty to say.



Georgia State has . . . sand volleyball?

Karlle Kavanaugh. Photo courtesy of Georgia State Athletics.
Karlle Kavanaugh. Photo courtesy of Georgia State Athletics.


“It was little surprising to me at first, but I was so exciting because that was the exact combination I wanted for college.  I wanted to go to college in the city and play beach volleyball. “


Most athletic teammate


“Lane Carico.  She can jump so high and so quick.”


Favorite slang volleyball term


“Cutty, just because it’s my favorite shot.  It’s when you cut the ball short over the net at a hard angle.”


Myths about Alaska


“I don’t live in an igloo.  I don’t ride a polar bear to school– no pet polar bears.  Those are the two big ones.  We actually have real houses.”


Pet peeves


“Probably when people chew with their mouth open or talk too much during movies.”


Favorite movie


The Hunger Games


Favorite Girl Scout cookie


Thin Mints


Hottest place you’ve traveled to


“I’ve never been here in the summer.  I was in Arizona and it was 113.”





Famous Alaskan


“Jewel, the singer.  She is from Homer, which is way smaller than were I’m from.  So, if she can make it out of Alaska and make it big, I think anyone can.”



Switch for a day


“Misty May.  She’s the most amazing sand volleyball  player ever.”



Alaska bound


“My mom is from New Jersey and my dad is from Pennsylvania.  They wanted somewhere that they could always go camping and hiking in remote places. “