5Q’s- Gabrielle Brooks

Gabrielle Brooks. Rhett Lewis | THE SIGNAL

I recently got the chance to sit down with Gabrielle Brooks, member of the women’s track and field team.  

Favorite track and field event

“I have two: long and triple. Those are my absolute favorites. I’ve been doing long jump since my freshman year in high school. Triple jump I just took up last year at conference and it’s just a fun event.”

Favorite athlete

“I don’t really have a favorite athlete. But I do look at Brittney Reese [2012 Olympic gold medalist] some for long jump technique.”

President for one day

“There’s a lot of thing I’d probably do. I think I’d go to Africa and do something with the kids there.”

Farthest place you’ve been from home

“Australia. I went my junior year in high school. It was like a study abroad and we were there for three weeks, traveling to different cities and experiencing their culture. It was awesome.”

Summer or winter

“I love summer. I hate being cold. I’d rather shed clothes than have to put on tons of clothes. And then trying to warm up just takes too long.”

Best distances

Long jump- 19’7”

Triple jump- 36’0″

Favorite book

“My favorite book is The Giver.  But the last book I read was my adolescent psych class. ”

Most talkative teammate

Jackie Obi


“I love Cartoon Network. I love watching the Regular Show and Adventure Time.”


“I love Hawaiian pizza, especially from Fellini’s.”


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