5 Q’s: Chris Triplett talks home runs and photography

Chris Triplett rounds the bases after a home run versus the University of Georgia on Feb. 26. Photo courtesy of Georgia State Athletics.

The Signal recently got a chance to ask Georgia State baseball player, Chris Triplett, a few questions about baseball and life off the diamond.

Here is what he had to say.


Reason for offensive explosion this season?

“We have a lot of gifted players on this team and everyone comes to the plate with a great approach.  We also go to the plate with confidence that the guy behind us will hit us in when we get on base.”

Season highlight so far?

“The two walk-off home runs that Caden Bailey and Chase Ratfield hit.”

Importance of team chemistry?

“Very important because it is a team sport, and you have to trust your teammates to do their part.”

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Respect the game at all times and the game will respect you.  You never know which game will be your last, so play hard like it is your last game.” – Marquis Grissom

Pictures: photographer or subject?

Taking pictures for sure. I love photography, which is my second passion after baseball.”

What is your response to people that say baseball is too slow and not as exciting as football or basketball?

“Sorry about it. I’m sure there are fans who love baseball and can’t stand football or basketball.”

What did you want to be growing up?

Professional baseball player, pretty much all my life.”

Funniest teammate?  

Andrew Fessler is by far the most  hilarious on the team.”