Album review: Music Money Magnums

Atlanta’s own rap trio Travis Porter continues to keep it “Turnt Up” with Music Money Magnums, the outfit’s first release since signing with Jive Records.

Music Money Magnums is club-friendly, whether it’s a nightclub or strip joint, with high-energy beats courtesy of production from FKi, Nard & B, Big Fruit and KB. The 19-track mixtape features appear­ances from Yo Gotti, Big Sean, Retro Sushi, Tyga and Short Dawg.

The intro to the mixtape is an awkward conversation between DJ Drama, DJ Teknikz and DJ Scream about who would do the intro, with no reference to the actual mixtape until the end of the track.

The actual opener, “Doggin’,” is about not committing to just one girl. Quez raps, “All my girls be changing like the seasons.”

This work has many of the same qualities of previous Travis Porter material — catchy and sometimes simple hooks mixed with high-pow­ered thumping and laced with arro­gant lyrics.

The middle of the mixtape is strictly party music. “Down Low,” featuring rapper Tyga, is an homage to adult entertainers: ” I like it when she take it / down low, down low / Real strippers only do it / down low, down low / Baby take it off.”

The trio gets inspirational on track “We Outchea,” especially on the chorus: “You gots to get outchea / and get to it / ’cause it ain’t gone come to you.”

Consistent comes to mind when listening to Music Money Magnums. The trio has created its own musical lane; there is no denying that they aren’t lyrical rappers, and it works for them.

Southern slang is often used, like the phrase “guaped up,” which means to have a lot of money. Other tracks that stand out are “Dem Girls” featuring Big Sean, “Whatever She Want” featuring Yo Gotti and Coco Kiss, “Heartbreaker” and the strip club anthem “Cake.”

With the momentum built around this release via social media, Music Money Magnums still doesn’t trump Proud to be a Problem, which is likely the best entry in Travis Por­ter’s music catalog.

If drinking, partying, getting money or going to strip club is your element, Music Money Magnums might be your new soundtrack.