Best of 2010: Albums

Last year marked a strange transition in music, from Kanye collaborating with Bon Iver to Mountain Dew sponsoring Wavves. Indie as a genre has become virtually indefinable.

1. Broken Social Scene

Forgiveness Rock Record

Arts & Crafts

One of the greatest musical heavyweights continues their record of unwavering perfection and sonic beauty.

2. Sufjan Stevens

Age of Adz

Asthmatic Kitty Records

Sufjan took an enormous risk in 2010 when he shift from his beloved folk nuances to utter electronic chaos, but somehow he made it work.

3. Kanye West

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


I’m still undecided as to whether Kanye is a 5-year-old or a latent genius, but this record seems to suggest the latter.

4. Los Campesinos!

Romance is Boring

Arts & Crafts

One of the few albums that can explore heartbreak without once sounding trite.

5. The Books

The Way Out

Temporary Residence Ltd.

Only The Books could turn creepy self-help videos into gorgeous melodies.

6. Vampire Weekend



Vampire Weekend once again proves itself to be a pop pioneer instead of just a Graceland rip-off.

7. Small Black

New Chain


Small Black shows that chillwave can be much more than just lazy electronica.

8. Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern

Kill Rock Stars

Today’s most underrated guitarist continues to turn shredding into an art form.

9. LCD Soundsystem

This is Happening


Somehow LCD Soundsystem has been able to give legitimacy to making even more songs about dancing.

10. Zach Hill

Face Tat

Sargent House

If you don’t already know that Zach Hill is the greatest drummer alive: He’s the greatest drummer alive.