Allie Bashuk of Scoutmob

If you haven’t yet heard of Scoutmob’s queen bee Allie Bashuk or her new magazine Young, Foxy & Free, you haven’t been paying attention. Just like her new magazine’s namesake, Bashuk has a serious eye for fashion paired with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Bashuk is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where she created a satirical fashion blog called The Campus Style with partners Paris Rouzati and Cintra McGauley.

UGA Style, “evolved into a style blog- covering the culture, fashion, music, art scene of Athens, Ga.,” said Allie in an interview with Crave Atlanta.

The blog — which began as UGA Style — became a hit and has expanded to campuses all over the country, like the universities of Kentucky, Kansas and Indiana.

The Marietta native then became the assistant editor at Scoutmob, where she also helps with website content. Her focus is on the weekday and weekend event lists, local mugs and creative eyes.

“It’s been the most incredible experience getting to watch Scoutmob blossom and revolutionize the way we spend. The economy got rough, and they got creative,” said Bashuk.

As if her day job weren’t enough to keep her busy, Allie recently launched a free quarterly art magazine called Young, Foxy & Free. The first issue, the 2011 Winter Calendar Issue, just debuted.

She worked on it her last semester in Athens with friend Michael Lachowski, and saw a “potential future for it to thrive,” in Atlanta.

Bashuk said, ” …we are planning to bridge the two cities — bringing the drive and ambition of Atlanta [to Athens], and bring the community and talent in Athens here. We are currently getting the gears in motion for the Spring Body issue, where we explore several themes of the body — things they can do, how they look and what they wear.”

Bashuk said Atlantans can pick up your copy at any in-town restaurant, bar or business generally haunted by the “savvy and creative.”

Her advice to other young fashion-conscious entrepreneurs, she said, is to “Figure out what moves you. This is the most exciting time to grow into your shell. Fashion is art, so just like any art form — figure out what moves you and why you like it. Fashion is my personal expression, which can come off as frivolous, but frivolity is okay when you don’t base your life around it.”


If you want to stay up-to-date with Atlanta’s fashion and art scene, keep Bashuk on your radar. You can follow her Tumblr ( or on Twitter (@localwanderer).