From time to time you might bump into a video on the internet based on a true crime case. People enjoy these types of videos in order to get a thrill of knowing the steps a person has taken to commit a crime. Liking these true crime cases is not a bad thing; everyone has their own little interests that help them get through the day. However, there are some people who take this little fascination too far when they start disregarding the killer’s crimes based on their looks alone.

These types of people vary on expressing themselves, but one of the most common ways is to make a video on the topic. One might wonder what is the difference between watching a video about a known killer and making a video boasting of the killer’s achievements, looks, or conspiracies about the crime scene. The difference is the first type of video is completely factual. Everyone who made the first type of video did a ton of research and made ways to create the scene as it was when it was committed. The second type of video makes excuses for the criminal just because the person might think they are hot.

You might see these types of videos on Tumblr or more recently on Tik Tok. people create a slideshow of Ted Bundy in court and put a pop song in the background. Suddenly, it brings out his own fan base even though he’s been dead for years. In the comments of such videos, various people claim his innocence, and that it is okay to like him even if he committed these crimes. In the case of Ted Bundy for instance, they claim that he could not possibly have committed his crimes because of how charming he is.

The types of people who make these videos make things worse for the family members of victims who are still alive. It is like rubbing salt in the wound after the pain of losing a loved one. By making these videos it is like they are pardoning what happened to their victims or even worse they claim that person did not do it.

There are also some people who believe that if they were alive or if they were in the killers’ life, they could drive them away from crime. These types of fantasies can make people even more oblivious to the danger they could be getting in their dating life. Not everything is like a work of fiction where the main character can just drive the villain away from a life of crime using their love. It is not realistic and those types of people could get in serious trouble in the future if they believe that could be a reality.

Creating these types of videos sends the wrong message out to the public. The message being that no matter how badly a person messes up, they will eventually be forgiven if they are attractive enough. It sends the wrong message making it seem like they could be easily forgiven by having good courtroom photos.

Making fan videos of known criminals based on their looks or charms alone is not a good idea. it can create a bad message of stating if they are good looking, they could be forgiven or people could have no sense of reality when it comes to them.