2 Chainz comes with no filler on “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”

If there is one thing to say about Atlanta based rapper 2 Chainz is that he is no newcomer. Under the moniker Tity Boi, he founded the group Playaz Circle in 1997 with childhood friend, Dolla Boy. Their debut album, with the hit “Dufflebag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne, in 2007 put Tity Boi on the map.  However, mainstream success for him came after he split from Playaz Circle and changed his name to 2 Chainz.

Some artists have a hard time finding consistency, especially if they have been in the game since 1997. Be that as it may, 2 Chainz and his new album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” does something that is hard to do within the constraints of trap music: deliver an album with no filler.

In recent years rap music has had a hard time trimming the fat. Instead of coveted deep cuts, the listener gets songs to skip. As previously stated, 2 Chainz is no newcomer and has found a system of utilizing his best qualities as an artist that is evident on this new album.

2 Chainz’s use of his laid back, relaxed flow and witty one liners paired with great producers like Mike Will Made It and Honorable C.N.O.T.E make for some great songs on this release. Included on the album are his radio hits “It’s a Vibe” and “Good Drank” that have found a comfortable home among the album cuts.

The album’s first track, “Saturday Night,” opens with a piano intro and solo guitar before dropping into a head nodding beat that 2 Chainz immediately starts bouncing on. When talking about his lifestyle, 2 Chainz says over the hook,

I hit the trap tonight

I’m gonna hit the club tonight

treat every night like Saturday night

2 Chainz incorporates a wide span of beats on this album, including the second track “Riverdale,” which has a terrifyingly high string verse akin to the movie Psycho. But just a couple of tracks later, the song “4 AM” featuring Travis Scott brings a very calm piano beat with Scott on the chorus. Scott shines with his signature adlibs and auto-tune while 2 Chainz delivers his bars between them.

In the same way that 2 Chainz lets Travis Scott’s feature shine, he also has Swae Lee from the group Rae Sremmurd blending easily on “Poor Fool” backed up by an atmospheric bell heavy beat. 2 Chainz makes it easy for featuring artists to stand out on the tracks, but his rapping style is so present that the listener won’t forget that it is his song.

Verdict: A good word to describe 2 Chainz is consistent. In Atlanta, one of the world’s most watchedif not the #1 watchedhip hop scene, it is tough to poke through the veil and stand out, but 2 Chainz has done that by being consistent. On top of being a true Atlanta OG, he owns a developed style all the while welcoming new talent to deliver a sound that is true (truuuuuuuuuu) to himself. 2 Chainz makes sure he is right in the forefront with the rappers of today.

Songs to Check Out: “4 AM,” “Bailan,” “Trap Check”

Grade: A