Weekly News Briefs Feb.10


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Five dead in Douglasville shooting

Five people were killed and two more injured in a domestic shooting on Saturday, Feb. 7 in Douglasville, Georgia, according to WXIA. Among the victims were multiple children. Some victims were found dead at the scene while other individuals died en route to the hospital. The assailant died at the hospital from self-inflicted wounds. The relationship between the attacker and the victims has not yet been released by authorities, but neighbors said the gunman was the ex-husband of the woman living in the home. Police said the man parked his car up the street from the residence before walking to it and opening fire. The victims’ names have yet to be released as of Feb. 8.


Family stages kidnap to scare boy

A Missouri family staged the kidnapping of a six-year old boy because they said he is too friendly with strangers, according to BBC. Denise Kroutil, the boy’s aunt, allegedly enlisted the help of her co-worker Nathan Firoved to help scare her nephew. Firoved lured the boy into a car, showed him a handgun and bound his hands and feet. The boy was then taken to Firoved’s basement. Kroutil and Firoved took off the boy’s pants, told him he would never see his family again, and that he was to be sold into sex slavery. The boy’s mother and grandmother also took part. The boy was eventually released and given a lesson about talking to strangers. He then told his school what happened and child protective services were called. The four adults involved are being charged with kidnapping, restraint, abuse and neglect of a child.


Bank robbery shootout in Brazil

Thirteen men in the process of robbing a bank were shot dead by police in Salvador, Brazil on Feb. 6, according to Sky News. Three additional suspects and one police officer were also injured during the incident. The alleged criminals were attempting to use explosives to blow open a cash machine when police arrived.  Bahian military police said up to 30 men were involved in planning the robbery. The Public Security Secretary Mauricio Barbosa supported police actions and said they must be tough, firm and act with severity.


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