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Weekly Crime Blotter: April 3

On April 3, 2017 • By

March 26

They don’t even go here

An arrest was made on charges of sexual battery and aggravated assault on Lower Wall St. The 2 victims and person charged were non GSU students.

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Where’s my stuff?

A theft loss was reported by GSU student at Student Center West. The stolen property was worth $500 or less.


March 27

Leave me alone

A GSU staff member complained of being threatened and harassed by a non-GSU suspect.

Simply scary

An arrest was made after a GSU student was victim of simple battery on Edgewood Ave.


A GSU student is a suspect of possessing an ounce or less of marijuana at University Commons.


March 28

South Side

A GSU student reported stolen property worth $500 or less at Library South.


A GSU staff member and one other non-GSU student were victim of theft at Student Center West property valued at $1500 or less.


A GSU student was victim to theft at Aderhold Learning Center. The property stolen is valued at $1500 or less.

Not that again

A GSU student was victim of theft at Library North. The property stolen is valued at $1500 or less.

One more time

Theft at Clarkston Campus of $1500 or less.


March 29

At least they tried

A GSU student was victim to an attempted theft from vehicle-interior at the Georgia State Stadium Parking Lot.


A GSU student complained of theft at Aderhold Learning Center.

World Star

A fight was reported at Hurt Park. Those involved in the brawl were non-GSU students.

Grand theft auto parts

A GSU Dunwoody student was victim of stolen motor vehicle parts and accessories at Dunwoody Parking Deck.

Must’ve rolled away…

A bike theft was reported by a GSU student. No suspects were reported.

You knew better

An arrest was made at Courtland North after a GSU student reported a trespass after receiving prior notice.


March 30

We told ya once

A non-GSU student was arrested for trespassing after receiving prior notice at Classroom South.

Not cool

GSU student complained that 3 GSU students threatened and harassed him at the University Commons.

Get outta here

Trespass warning issued to 2 non-GSU offenders at T deck parking.

Don’t make me tell you again

Trespass warning issued at college of law to non-GSU offender.

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