Top 5 album covers with memorable designs

Just three months into 2017 and we’ve already had many great albums from established chart toppers like Future to Atlanta artists like Run the Jewels and The Migos, who are finally getting their shine. What has also stood out is the great album art that has accompanied the music.

Here are just five of the best album covers that have been released thus far.

  1. Big Sean: “I Decided”

“I Decided” is Big Sean’s third studio album released on G.O.O.D Music. This time around, the Detroit rapper’s album cover represents the deeper themes of the album. The two men on the cover represent Sean currently and Sean in a past life. The album tells the story of Sean struggling to balance fame and family by using the wisdom of an unfulfilled past life before him.

  1. Migos: “Culture”

This year, the Migos released their most hyped album yet. Riding the success of their chart topping hit “Bad and Boujee,” the trio released a banger-filled album that dripped ATL. The album cover is an explosion of Atlantan culture, from the dome of the Capitol to the 85-North sign. It’s a collage of imagery immediately recognizable by anyone in our city.

  1. Sampha: “Process”

Sampha Sisay, the English artist who’s collaborated with numerous chart-topping artists from Drake to Beyoncé finally makes his major label debut with “Process.” The cover features Sampha front and center. What makes it an interesting portrait is the fact that both sides of the cover are a reflection of each other, creating a beautiful design with his dreads.

  1. Thundercat: “Drunk”

Stephen Bruner, also known as Thundercat, releases his third studio album “Drunk.” The album has just as much humor as it does complex bass lines and rhythms. The cover of “Drunk” features Bruner rising from a pool of water with an intense stare. It’s incredibly unsettling and creepy, but it’s 100 percent Thundercat.

  1. The xx: “I See You”

The British trio return with their third album “I See You.” The band is known for their minimalistic soundscapes and airy vocals and this album is no different. Each album cover from The xx features a large X directly in the center of the cover. It’s very interesting to watch see how new elements are added to the simple design with each new album. This time, the X is embossed in a reflective surface with the silhouettes of the band members seen in the reflection.

These are just a few of the great album covers to be released this year. Even more great albums are expected from Kanye, St. Vincent, Drake and many more.

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