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SGA sets Oct. 21 deadline for “Organizations of the Game”

At the Oct. 16 meeting of the Student Government Association (SGA), Vice President of Student Life Jovan Paige announced an Oct. 21 deadline for organizations that wish to promote themselves at home basketball games this season to submit an application to SGA.

Georgia State athletics had given their seal of approval to the proposal after a Sept. 18 general senate meeting of SGA where all but one senator voted to send the legislation to the athletics department.

During this most recent SGA meeting, Senator Daniel Pogioli of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies asked Paige where the application would be available.

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Paige replied it would be available through OrgSync, and is available through SGA’s OrgSync page.

“The director of athletics, Charlie Cobb, approves of it and is very excited about it,” Vice President of Student Affairs Sebastian Parra said.

Included in the application are six questions for organizations to answer.

· Why should it be selected as an Organization of the Game?

· What is the mission of the organization?

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· What is the positive impact that the organization has made on Georgia State through its various objectives?

· How does it plan to promote itself?

· What was the organization’s collective GPA last semester?

· How many community service hours has the organization completed?

Organizations that plan to promote themselves will not be able to go directly onto the floor of the Sports Arena, but they will have their organization featured at halftime via its video board.

Paige says this format is being followed because the process is following a structured setup through the athletics department.

“It’s being done to cover liabilities,” Paige said. “You don’t want somebody to be performing and then twist their ankle. That delays the game as well as programming times and television. Everything gets moved back that way. So, it just follows protocol.”

He did leave open the possibility that SGA would consider different methods of promotion in the future, but will stick to the guidelines set by the athletics department for now.

SGA hopes that they can finalize a list of the 30 organizations that will promote themselves at this season’s basketball games by next week.


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