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Poll: SGA VP Fortune Onwuzuruike favored to win SGA presidency

FortuneFortune Onwuzuruike, Georgia State’s Student Government Association (SGA) vice president of student services is leading the pack this election season, according to a Signal poll.

On March 25 The Signal queried on Twitter as to which SGA presidential candidate was the favorite among our followers. An overwhelming 64 percent of the nearly 300 who participated pinned Onwuzuruike as the “best” choice to rule the school.

The runner up of the four presidential candidates was Eugene Butler with a mere 26 percent of the voters favoring him.

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The president’s right hand position, executive vice president (EVP), will filled by one of three candidates, all Georgia State SGA vets.

SGA’s VP of Public Relations Anthony Nguyen claimed 70 percent of the vote during another Signal poll about the EVP slot.

SGA Sen. Corey Gray earned 22 percent of the votes, leaving Sen. Shamari Southwell with the last 8 percent.

But there’s plenty of time for SGA’s stragglers to pull themselves out of the social media slump and jump into some hardcore campaign scheming.

The Signal will continue to publish polls to gauge the student interest, while SGA prospects clamor to #LetTheirVoiceBeHeard the loudest.

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On March 29 The Signal is hosting the first in a trilogy of student government debates. On Tuesday, president and EVP candidates will duke it out at the podium, discussing their plans to unify the Panther family.

March 30 will host the speaker of the senate candidate debates as well as those for prospective senators in Georgia State’s business school.

On March 31 the remaining senate candidates, those from the policy school and the school of arts and sciences, will take the stage to lobby for their platforms.

All the debates will be held in the Urban Life building auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

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