• Student Submission: Save A Life!

    Student Submission: Save A Life!

    February 22, 2018 Giselle Moses 0
    Giving blood saves lives. Did you know that you can save multiple lives with just one donation? Scientists can’t make new blood in a lab, but our bodies are constantly making new blood cells, so most healthy adults can safely donate as often as every other month. Donating blood is a free, but priceless gift for those in need, including car accident victims, cancer patients, and patients having surgery. A special group of individuals who [...]

  • Editorial: These days, it’s all about learning to keep yourself safe

    It’s hard to ask an underfunded team of police officers to keep a campus of 30,000 safe at all times. It’s what we expect, but how realistic is it, really? Think about it, how many [...]
  • Sharon Baldwin reflects on her eight-year tenure at Georgia State

    Challenging is the word that Georgia State head women’s basketball coach, Sharon Baldwin, used to describe her eight years here at Georgia State. Baldwin’s tenure here has been one filled with many ups and downs, [...]
  • Panthers Baseball Opens 2-1, Auburn Up Next

    Panthers Baseball swung into the season with a 2-1 record over Bradley and Minnesota in the Atlanta Challenge. The Panthers head to Auburn on Tuesday for their fourth game.
  • Featured Graphic: A Little Too Much Urbanization

    Inspired by a recent entry in The Signal‘s Feb. 19 Crime Blotter, “A non-Georgia State individual was arrested near the Urban Life building for drinking in public around 7:30 p.m.”
  • Weekly News Briefs: Feb. 19

    Local Atlanta Public Schools reassure parents of students’ safety Atlanta Public Schools executive director Marquenta Sands Hall announced that local school systems will be taking extra precautions following the Florida high school shooting. According to [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotter: Feb. 19

    Feb. 14 A little too much urbanization… A non-Georgia State individual was arrested near the Urban Life building for drinking in public around 7:30 p.m. Goin’ nuts! Two Georgia State students were accused of acting [...]
  • Five unrealistic Sexpectations you need to know

    As sexual beings, the longing for stimulation and finding tranquility in a partner begins with identifying erotic preferences. However, with the hunger for sex on the mind, the consumption of accurate knowledge is needed to [...]
  • What you can expect when settling down in college

    When leaving your toothbrush at your partner’s house turns into moving into a small apartment together, or wearing their old sweatshirt turns into a diamond ring on your left hand, you’re probably ready to settle [...]
  • College Law students offering pro-bono defense for struggling renters

    It is common knowledge Atlanta has a housing affordability problem. The city has made headlines for not only its unaffordable rent prices but also its recent eviction problems. That’s where the Atlanta Housing Court Assistance [...]
  • Officials are finally taking a stand against human trafficking

    Atlanta is no stranger to human trafficking. The city has become one of the greatest hubs across the nation for the commercial use of younger women that often involves sexual exploitation. So it’s no wonder [...]
  • Panthers win five straight over Eagles, on uncommon winning-streak

    Georgia State (7-18, 3-11) is on a rare winning streak. The Panthers defeated Georgia Southern (5-20, 2-12) 66-58 on Saturday, their second consecutive win. This is the Panthers’ first winning-streak since Dec. 10, another two-game [...]
  • State loses 85-80 to Southern, now searching for win

    The Panther’s 21-year stretch without a win in Statesboro, Ga. moves to 22. The comeback attempt inside hostile Hanner Fieldhouse was to no avail, and Georgia State (19-8, 10-4) lost to Georgia Southern (17-10, 8-6) [...]
  • How sugar daddies are helping with college costs

    As student debt continues to grow, students are becoming more resourceful to figure out how to pay for college. One of the easiest ways to get paid is just being yourself and providing someone with [...]
  • Proposed Georgia amendment changes official language, shunning immigrants

    New proposed Senate Resolution 587 takes another stab at making English Georgia’s official language. State senator Joshua McKoon proposed the resolution on Jan. 18, 2018, and thinks this piece of legislation will not only reduce [...]
  • 2018 State V. Southern Preview: Edition Two

    Georgia State (19-7, 10-3) is coming off a heartbreaking 90-82 overtime loss to Louisiana Monroe, their first loss of 2018. The Panthers have been uncharacteristically sloppy defensively and have just right the matchup in rival [...]