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Georgia State debuts new online resources

Georgia State students might have thousands of different opinions about the school, but one thing they all have in common is high expectations.

One new resource, Panther Answer, located in the right hand corner of the PAWS main page, is offering additional assistance with enrollment, financial aid, registration and student accounts. The goal being to present an alternative to calling or walking in for help.

“Panther Answer allows students to search for answers to their most pressing questions without having to wait for service or navigate through various web pages,” Shari Piotrowski, of the Georgia State Registrar, said.

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The system’s latest addition is the ticket option.

The ticket option allows a student to send their enrollment or student account question to a One Stop Shop representative.

“Also, students can subscribe to articles,” Mrs. Piotrowski said. “When information is updated within that article, the student will receive notification of the new information.”

Another helpful resource added to PAWS is My Student Status. Immediately after logging into PAWS, the first page will now have a header titled “My Georgia State University Student Status.”

Under that headline there will be three crucial components of each student’s account: registration, billing information for the current semester and financial aid.

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Each category contains material the average student checks on a daily basis because it is so crucial for their path towards graduation. Student status eliminates the older and much more drawn out method of finding what’s important to each individual student.

The two systems will hopefully improve communications with and provide additional resources to students needing assistance.

“Both systems provide key information students need to successfully complete the enrollment process in a format that is easy to read, navigate and [is] available 24/7,”  Piotrowski said.


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