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A nationally recognized and award-winning college newspaper, The Signal focuses on providing quality, timely and accurate reporting on the city of Atlanta and the community of Georgia State University. The university now boasts the second largest number of in-state alumni and thousands of faculty and administrators.

What can you learn with us?

How to sharpen your skills 

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a photographer breaking in that new camera, working for The Signal will give you an an energetic environment where you can improve the quality of your work and hone your craft.

How to work effectively as a team 

Reporters, photographers, designers and editors collaborate with equally enthusiastic peers to create a quality news source that not only they will be proud of, but the student body as well

How to meet deadlines  

One of the most important concepts of journalism, deadlines hold everyone responsible for their own work in order to put the paper out every week.

How to use your resources 

Through social media, library research and countless phone calls, staffers at The Signal learn quickly how to obtain the information they need.

There’s something for everyone!

Reporters tell the stories of the current events surrounding us, and use resources and facts to provide the most indepth information.

Photographers  have the opportunity to capture events in the instant they happen, providing stories to moments in time.

Designers use their ingenuity and innovation to keep the paper looking fresh as they master industry programs like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Illustrators get a chance to explore their creativity as they create eye-catching artwork and sarcastic political cartoons.

Marketing staffers create intuitive campaigns to get the newspaper out to the campus and to attract advertisers.

Videographers capture all sorts of stories to put your eyes where theirs were; be it a massive protest or a debate to determine the campus’ next leaders, using programs like Premiere and After Effects.

Advertising works with internal and external clients to boost exposure to the Georgia State community through The Signal’s resources.

Podcasting brings the ongoing events of our campus, our city, and our world to a forum where we sit down and discuss these happenings amongst ourselves and other professionals.

*All majors welcomed. The Signal accepts any work done in class as clip samples.

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