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Competitive play against team members during #PantherFamily day

Quarterback Nick Arbuckle signs autographs for fans after the #PantherFamily scrimmage on April 11. Photo by Jared Oliver |The Signal

In the second consecutive Pan- ther Family Day, a free admission field day event, students and fans got a chance to check out the soccer, football, baseball and softball team compete. Georgia State hosted their spring game at Panthersville soccer field with the White team coming out victorious 20-16.

Georgia State’s baseball team hosted two games near Panthersville stadium, while softball and soccer played double headers.

Georgia Alumni and season tick- et holders were out interacting with the coaches and players. Little Pan- ther fans also enjoyed taking pic- ture with Pounce and enjoying his Pounce house.

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The fans filled up the stands in full attendance to see how the Geor- gia State Panthers improved on the football side of things.

Trent Miles, football head coach, was fairly impressed with the way his team competed. Although he did not coach either the Blue or White team, Miles monitored the game, strolling around the field.

“I loved the competition. The thing I liked the most is that we competed,” Miles said. “First of all, we had no major injuries. With me, that’s my No. 1 goal. There were some big plays by Robert [Davis], Tarris [Batiste] made two big plays … but

I’m sure there were some bad plays also.”

Men’s Basketball Head Coach Ron Hunter came to support the football program. Hunter sat near the Blue team’s sideline spectating the game while continuing to nurse his Achilles tear. Hunter was pleased with the team’s improvements over the off-season so far.

“We’re throwing the ball. Both quarterbacks look good and accu- rate. But more importantly, they look bigger out there; they look very promising,” Hunter said.

Emiere Scaife, redshirt freshmen quarterback, led the white team to victory, connecting on two touch- down passes, one being a 73-yard pass to wide receiver Robert Davis and the other to UAB transfer Nyiak- ki Height for a 45-yard touchdown.

Scaife finished the game 10 of 21 for 201 yards. Scaife is pleased with the win, but has no complacency in continuing to compete.

“I did some good things, I did some bad things,” he said. “I just came and competed the best way I could I think I was solid overall.”

Kendrick Dorn, California ju- nior college transfer, who played on the blue team, showed spurts of his athleticism at the running back po- sition by hurdling defenders in the first half.

Following the redshirt freshman’s standout performance, Scaife said he wants to continue to work hard.

“Keep working, keep improving on my flaws. Just perfect my game as much as I can,” Scaife said.

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