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Rashaad Richardson. Rhett Lewis | THE SIGNAL

Th Signal recently sat down with junior Rashaad Richardson of the Georgia State men’s basketball team.

The Charleston, S.C. native discussed, among other things, his late game heroics this season, family and Reggie Miller.

Rashaad Richardson. Rhett Lewis | THE SIGNAL
Rashaad Richardson. Rhett Lewis | THE SIGNAL


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Buzzer beater versus Tennessee State (Nov., 20, 2012)

“Hope I got it off in time.  Manny [Atkins] made a great pass from out of bounds and I just caught and my main thing was just get it up in time so it can have a chance to go in.”

Transitioning from high school to college

“Staying mental confidant and staying strong as yourself.  You can’t come here and lose confidence in yourself because things aren’t going your way.  If you stay mental strong and know you’re good at what you’re doing and continue to strengthen that craft, then you’ll be fine.”

Robinson Test Prep Academy

Road blues- worst road venue

“I would say when we went to Towson.  Their locker room was probably about this size, like this room in half.  And we were all in there just squeezed up and it was terrible.”

Who you look up to

“I look up to my Aunt Zelda.  She’s probably the best role model I’ve had in my life, the way she works and makes sure everything’s in order.  If I had to pick a person I want to be like it would be her.”

Funniest thing you’ve seen lately

“I hate to say it, but when LaRon [Smith] kind of got injured.  The way he fell was kind of funny when we saw it on film.  It was pretty funny because we were giving him a hard time about it.”

Favorite food in Charleston, S.C.

“Definitely my grandmother’s okra soup and rice.  I like that.”

Favorite cartoon/television program growing up

Keanon and Kel from All That

Hidden talent

“I’m quite the dancer when I’m around people.  If the right song’s on I’ll show my teammates some new moves.”

You just won the $500 million lottery

“I’d buy my mom and my aunt a nice house.  I would probably buy myself the latest car.  I’d probably buy an Audi or something.”

Who takes your last second shot?

Reggie Miller


*You can follow Rashaad on Twitter @freeshev25

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