Zodiac and fashion: Finding true style through astrology

Zodiac fashion depends primarily on sun sign traits and predictions outlined in your horoscope.

There are several components to understanding how dressing according to your birth chart works.

You begin with your sun sign, which is the most commonly used. This sign is based on the position of the sun in the zodiac when you were born. Although this sign is the most popular, it merely states your basic life approach and general personality characteristics. 

Other zodiac components like moon signs represent your mood and emotions. A horoscope predicts someone’s future based on star and planet alignment at the time of birth.

In general, dressing in alignment with your zodiac sign focuses on interpreting sun signs and horoscopes on a surface level to create style suggestions.


Aim to try out new pieces, such as patterned outerwear, sneakers or jeans that complement your basic pieces for a more confident look that pushes you to try new things.


Being true to yourself is crucial, and branching out doesn’t happen much once you’re comfortable. Attempt to hone in on this by sticking to your favorite pieces and elevating them with dainty jewelry pieces.


You’ve been thinking about pursuing change lately, and playing around with the shape and volume of different pieces can allow for that change. Winter is the perfect time for this since jackets can be worn in all silhouettes and used in various looks.


You’ve found yourself seeking approval from others lately, but there is no need to be afraid of branching out. Try out that new style or piece that has been a lingering thought. Approval from others shouldn’t hold you back from your happiness.


Being the center of attention is nothing new to you, but it can often be exhausting. Set aside your bold pieces and look into getting comfortable pieces that can go from home to a dope streetwear fit.


You’re often a caretaker but rarely on the receiving end. Focus on yourself and indulge in well-needed retail therapy. Use this as a time to revamp your wardrobe and get rid of pieces that no longer get worn and tend to represent your old self.


Loyalty is a valuable trait to you, so sticking to brands or specific styles seems to be a recurring theme. Look into buying pieces that fit into your pre-existing style but differ slightly in color, pattern and small details.


Focusing your energy on one style is crucial. You have been going back and forth and losing focus on your true style. Find pieces that fit your style and eliminate those taking up space and not fitting your look.


Being flashy is not always the best decision, so attempt to purchase more minimal and versatile pieces.


Sticking to more modest and put-together ensembles tends to be your comfort zone. Although this is your style, try to incorporate more casual aspects for a well balanced tone to suit different scenarios.


Focus on picking out pieces that reflect who you are and bring confidence.


Thinking ahead and focusing on goals is a valuable trait. Accept this and use it as an excuse to try out new trends that may not have been of interest before.