WRAS GM gives funky style secrets

Anastasia Zimitravich is a Marketing major at Georgia State, the general manager of WRAS – Album 88, and the newly-crowned queen of second-hand. So she doesn’t know about that last bit, but it’s so true. Her six years working in second-hand shops have helped Ana define her own personal style.

S: Describe your style.

A: “I like conversation pieces. Sometimes I’ll find a piece that’s really interesting and unique and kind of flashy, and build an outfit around it.”

On trends:

A: “Up-cycling old trends [is trendy]. People worry about staying trendy. Working in second hand, people will ask me ‘what’s trending’ or ‘what looks good’ or what they should try to buy, and that’s kind of irrelevant. Because fashion is cyclical, and it doesn’t really matter too much what you wear as long as it’s your own interpretation of it.”

S: What are your essentials/basics?

A: •Black cardigan: “I think it’s a men’s cardigan. [It’s] slouchy and big and I find that that goes with everything. I can wear something that’s a nice outfit and put it over the top and it makes it look more casual.”

•Leather woven loafers: “It was funny because I bought them from Goodwill, and then this trend of slip-on loafers started happening. So I wear those all the time.”

•Stud earrings: “[They] go with everything. I feel like long earrings are kind of going out and very basic, metallic jewelry is more adaptable.”

•High-waist skirts: “I’ve been wearing a lot of these high-waist, knee-length skirts for winter. I call them ‘school-girl skirts.’ I’ll put them with a slouchy sweater.”

On her favorite looks for spring:

A: “Lots and lots of maxi skirts. And really slouchy, airy tops, cause fashion is kind of lazy right now. It’s about looking lazy. Like doing your hair messy but purposefully messy. And then like, dressing nice but not looking like you’re trying too hard. Which is fine, because then you don’t have to.”