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Women’s basketball wins Thanksgiving Tournament

Thanks to a big performance by Maryam Dogo and Kendra Long, Georgia State obtained the Thanksgiving Tournament by defeating Florida A&M 77-58 at the Sports Arena.

Dogo finished with 16 points and 11 rebounds, while Long also had 13 points, seven rebounds, and four assists. After the game, both players  won first team all-tournament honors.

The tone of the contest would be set early as the Panthers started strong with a13 to one run over its opponent.

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The first half concluded with Georgia State up in the lead with the score at 41-18.

Long scored 10 points and also had four assists. Dogo also came up big with seven points and six rebounds.

For Florida A&M, Jasmine Grice led the way with nine.

The second half would see Georgia State up by 33 points, but Grice would score 21 of her 30 in the second half to shorten the Panthers’ lead.

Florida A&M kept playing until the end of the game as evidenced by them trimming the Georgia State lead all the way down to 19.

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Kimberly Sparkman also helped out the visitor with 14 points. Yet, Georgia State stayed on top in the scoreboard.

With the Thanksgiving Tournament in the books, Georgia State’s women’s basketball team will play Kennesaw on Dec. 2 at the Sports Arena.

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