What it takes to be a biker

Miles Keenlyside | The Signal

Riding a bike to class has become quicker for not only students to get to class, but also professors. However, it is not always the safest approach. There are typical safety guidelines that bikers are supposed to follow, but sometimes the biker has to follow their own instinct.

“In some ways it’s more dangerous on the sidewalk then on the road,” said English Professor Brennan Collins, who was hit twice by ongoing traffic.

Wearing a helmet is number one. “I would be dead if I did not wear a helmet,” said Collins.

Because cars do not always pay attention, every biker needs the right safety equipment.

When people walk in front of bikers without knowing, they sometimes get irritated, said sophomore computer science major Alex Pszczola.

“I kind of just give them mean looks, there’s nothing much you can do. I’m sure I will be yelling at people eventually,” Pszczola said.

For some people, distance makes all the difference when riding a bike. Pszczola decided to start riding a bike when he moved from the Freshmen Hall dormitories to the Commons. According to Pszczola, instead of walking the extra distance, riding a bike is more convenient.

Saving money is also an important factor, even if a biker is living on campus. Bike maintenance is the only expense and even that is inexpensive.