‘Wham! Bam! Islam!’ comes to Georgia State

“Wham! Bam! Islam!”, a documentary based on the world’s first Islamic comic book “The 99,”will be shown on Georgia State’s Classroom South this Friday.

The film chronicles the story of Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa — Kuwaiti’s quest to publish the only comic series with superheroes embodying the 99 virtues of Allah. It documents the financial, freedom of expression, and international adversities he overcame.

“The film addresses a lot of issues that are faced in the Middle East…you’re talking about communication, globalization, cultural imperialism, and freedom of expression,” said Dr. Matt Duffy, Arab-US Association of Communication Educators organizer.

Duffy is encouraging every Georgia State student to join the initiative and help transform journalism, communication, and other media-related tools in the Middle East by attending this year’s AUSACE 2012 Conference.

The four-day conference, Nov. 16-19, will feature panel discussions about the state of journalism in the Arab world, keynote speeches and research presentations from renowned journalists and media experts from around the world.

Among the list of keynote speakers is Tara Puckey, a Society of Professional Journalists member. She wants students to learn high ethical standards, professional training, and the importance of launching international SJP chapters.  “I always encourage students to learn about their craft whenever and wherever possible – in the classroom, on the streets, in a little back alley,”  Puckey said.

Admission to AUSACE 2012 is free for all Georgia State students.