Weekly News Briefs: Nov. 13


KSU student faces rape charges
Kennesaw State student Benjamin David Wainscott was arrested with felony rape charges and is being held in jail without bond. According to Fox 5, Wainscott took the victim out to dinner and invited her back to his dorm room. While having sex, the victim asked Wainscott to stop but he continued for another two to three minutes. When it was over the victim went to Kennesaw State University Police Department and reported that she had been raped. Evidence of the crime was found through text messages that Wainscott had sent apologizing to the victim for forcing her to have sex with him.


Trump is being played by Putin
According to USA Today, two former intelligence chiefs claim that President Trump is being “played” by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This claim is in response to Trump stating that Putin “means it” when he said that Kremlin was not involved in the meddling of the 2016 presidential election. Both James Clapper, ex-director of national intelligence, and John Brennan, former CIA director, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and said that Trump’s remarks about believing Putin naive and dangerous. They said that Putin, along with other world leaders, are using Trump’s insecurity and constant need for flattery to manipulate him.


Fascists and white supremacists flood Poland
An estimated 60,000 fascists and white supremacists flooded the streets of Warsaw as Poland celebrated their Independence Day. According to the NBC News, marchers carried the national white-and-red flag while other people filled the sky with red smoke from flares and firecrackers. Some participants also carried banners with falanga on them, a far-right symbol dating back to the 1930s. Because of this demonstration this year’s Independence Day has become the largest that Poland has seen in recent years.