Weekly News Briefs: June 26


Atlanta City Council approves digital advertising in new district to energize Downtown

According to the AJC, in an attempt to brighten up the Downtown Atlanta area, the Atlanta City Council (ACC) voted to create a new district with special advertising rights that allow more bright signs to energize the city. Titled the Atlanta Arts and Entertainment District, ACC members voted unanimously voted in that the district can “increase tourism, attract conventions and promote larger events.” The advertisements will show local events, art and businesses, and map from Underground Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium and include art galleries along Marietta and Broad Streets. The digital advertisements do not have to operate within typical billboard measurements, but can be square or vertical. The approval has been opposed by some people who think the signs would be “unsightly, unsafe or unnecessary.”


Trump accuses Obama of inaction over Russia election meddling claims

In a statement on Twitter, President Donald Trump said the Obama Administration knew “far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia,” and asked why his predecessor did nothing about it. According to BBC news, his comments followed an article in the Washington Post that said former President Barack Obama learned last August of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s “direct involvement.” President Putin has denied Russian interference into the U.S. presidential election, a matter of which has been the focus of investigations in the U.S. recently. Reported by the Washington Post, President Obama was told last August by Russian government sources that President Putin was involved in a cyber campaign to “disrupt the election, injure Hillary Clinton and aid a Trump victory.”


85 people dead in Pakistan weekend bombings

According to Global News, residents in Pakistan that were preparing to celebrate the end of Ramadan and Eid are now in mourning, in result of twin bombings and a following suicide car bombing. The car bombing was claimed by a Taliban faction and the Islamic State. Police officers were attacked by gunmen at a restaurant, four of them killed before the gunmen fled. Security raided a militant hideout in Peshawar on Saturday, leading to a shootout in which three Taliban were killed and a soldier and two officers wounded.